eMeet OfficeCore M2
eMeet OfficeCore M2

Monday, 03 May 2021

Brand : eMeet
Category : Speakerphone

OfficeCore M2 is a classy speakerphone featured by 4 omni-directional array, 3W speaker, ceramic textured touch panel, and LED indicators.


We meeting moment often hear about video conference or teleconference, specifically to do remote meeting without face to face in place, either with other companies,suppliers, customers and other branch offices. 

To support a successful teleconference, devices required such as cameras, microphones and speakers. The devices must be user friendly and easy instalation.

Seeing this need, PT Aaltos Teknologi Indonesia as a distributor, presents teleconference products, that is eMeet.
eMeet helps you keep creating, listening, streaming, and communicating feels real wherever you are.

OfficeCore M2 is a classy speakerphone featured by 4 omni-microphone array, 3W speaker, ceramic textured touched panel, and LED indicators.

eMeet Speakerphone is prepared and ready to bringing you the superior customer satisfaction.


• Plug and play
• High quality audio performance
• Bluetooth, USB & AUX

• Small and exquisite appearance
• 4 AI microphone arrays are fully upgraded

• 360° pickup omnidirectional microphone
• Built-in voice IA algorithm
• Compatible with multiple operation systems and calling software
• Strong performance, outstanding appearance level


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